Saturday, April 12, 2008

kvetch kvetch kvetch

Well, I just spent what seemed like hours on the phone with one of those impossible travel sites where once you make your reservation it takes forever and infinite patience in case, god forbid, you have to make a change or question something. You go through the intermidable voice message list, get a real person from India who insists on calling you by your first name and then is unable to figure out how to get you to the Supervisor without putting you on hold for minutes or cutting you off! I HATE THIS!! This time I hung up and they actually called me back, which was nice except it accomplished nothing because the new and cheaper price that was available was NOT for me since it was more than 24 hours from my initial purchase.
I know I know...too much information. But I liked it so much better in the old days when there were just people on the phone who seemed to actually know what they were doing.

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detectivefiction said...

Susan, I'll take the old days, any day.