Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bless me!!

I just saw the Pope!! I'm excited. He is staying around the corner and though they kept us a block away he drove by in the Popemobile and I actually saw him. Yes, I waved. And then, the Popemobile came around the block in front of my building and was loaded onto a truck. so I took my picture with it! Very cool for a Jewish girl!!


Anne D. said...

Mazel tov!

Picture, please. :-)

susan said...

i have to figure out how to do it!!if u know let me know

Kim said...

I had to laugh at the Purim thing in the last post, and then I laughed again when one of my trying-to-be-sensitive friends wished me a happy Pee-satch, and I had to tell her that while I thanked her for the thought, I was having Pay-sock.

To post your picture, login to your Dashboard and click on new post. When the post editor opens, click on the blue box (which is in the same line as the bolder and the italic and the quoties). When it opens, it will open a window to browse your computer for files. Find the file with the picture you want, click the upload button and off it goes! When it says done, go on with your post. You'll see some code at the top of the page. Don't panic, that's your picture. Post as you usually do and we should be able to see it just fine.

I hope to see it soon!


susan said...

damn! i cant do it. somehow i put it in favorites and a new folder and can't get it out...i tried to put it in documents and it's all broken down into wierd folders.
kim and anne d. send me your emails and i will send it to you directly. sorry. ss

Kim said...

Susan, email me at, and I'll put it in a link you can post and give to people. If you have other shots you want on the blog, send them along.
I have a reasonable amount of computer zen.