Sunday, May 18, 2008

Larry, you made my day!

I was headed down to a wedding shower of a daughter of my friend, and there were no cabs in sight. So I hopped on a bus to go across town. I wasn't sure where I was headed, not being good with directions, and I asked thebus driver about the next leg of my trip. He told me and then I headed back to my seat where I promptly sneezed, twice.
A young guy, long haired, mustacheod and about thirty, sitting across from me with a guitar in its case said "Allergies, huh?"
I said, "Guess so."
We then discussed pollen and where I could get a cab to downtown and I thanked him andgot off the bus.
He got off after me and flagged down the cab for me and opened the door.
He then said " You are a lovely lady, how about going for a cup of tea sometime."
I laughed and said "I don't think so..I'm much older."
He said "I'm older than I look."
I said, "So am I!!"
He then told me his name and shrugged, "how about it, are you sure?" and the cab driver, a female, and I both smiled as we drove off .
Larry, you made my day! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,

Great Post !!! But I don't blame the guy at all for asking - You are very Beautiful and Classy !

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