Thursday, September 04, 2008

told u so!

See, Sarah was amazing. Told you. the greatest praise I can give is I wish she were
a Democrat because she is a reallly good communicator.
BUT..and here's one of many buts...I dont understand why we want someone
in the two highest offices to be 'JUST LIKE US."
I want someone MUCH MUCH MORE THAN I AM. More accomplished,
more knowledgable, a real intellect and superior to every way because
the decisions they will be making are many times more complex than any
I've made in my own life.
So...yes she made a great first impression and a speech. Now let's see
what she knows about the world and if she can extrapolate from her narrow
world experiences and politically rigid viewpoint.

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Kim said...

Wow! A girl goes on vacation, and comes back to see you all healed and typing away, I love it.

Re: Palin. She scares me, too-and I'm a Republican! (California Urban Republican=Southern Democrat though. I am still undecided, but leaning strongly toward Obama.)

I gotta give it to McCain for strategy, although I did kinda wonder if Obama didn't do just this thing when he picked an old white guy running mate that might appeal to the moderate but fairly socially liberal GOPers who are still not ready for someone other than themselves in high office.

Folks are going to have to really look at what the candidates are saying about the actual issues because both parties have one dynamic speaker and one who is not so great.

If we're flying the change banner, then we have to elect the Dems, because honestly, there's no way any real major change can happen because the Democrats control Congress. Lots of good stuff happened with Clinton in office, not necessarily because of him, but because these people were able to get things DONE.

So what's on your schedule for Fall? Anything fun?