Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i that a word?

For all those pundits who are bloviating about how important Sarah Palin's
speech is tonight and creating drama...the woman was a TV sports anchor!
She knows how to be on TV. They know how to write a speech. Of course
she will nail it/hit it out of the park and all other cliches.

It's what happens afterwards...on the road, in the debate she might even
do well as Biden's hands will be tied re sexism.
It's now up to the Press to ask her tough questions and see what she
knows and doesn't know.


wimbleball said...

so true,susan,so true!

Anne D. said...

Prophesy.... :-)

One thing I will say for Sarah: She represents well for eyeglasses-wearing women everywhere! (Remember "Never make passes at girls who wear glasses?" I think she's laid that to rest for good.)