Friday, August 29, 2008

But seriously folks

Any respect I had for McCain is now gone! Does he really think that women are going
to vote for ANY woman, just to vote for a woman?Come on! And the comedy writer
in me wants to know...What's with the hair? She'll have to go to Shear Genius and get
a cut that brings her into the 21rst Century before the Convention. Geesh!But hey,she
WAS mayor of 8,000 eskimos..not that there's anything wrong with eskimos!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you Susan but the hair and eskimo bit is a a little too much even for you. That's personal....lets just say she is totally out of it as far as women's rights

susan said...

what i guessi really object to is the
lack of experience...women can have their own take on choice.