Friday, August 29, 2008


some of my emailers were upset with me re my remark aboutSara's Hair and eskimos...a little
left over from my cant help it i'm a comedy writer bg...but in all seriousness I am
more upset about the lack of experience on a national stage and not having been tested as
Barack has been through the primary...for those who decried lack of experience on his
part...which just does not hold now, does it!
I find it very very cynical and insulting that McCain, whom I admired and was indeed
someone who sometimes reached across party lines would do this to the nation!
come on kids..
get serious. Poor Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a qualified woman, was at a loss for words
to defend it.
I realize politics can be a touchy subject and I've had some strong reactions from
my Rep. friends about Obama...but this choice was too scary for me to keep silent.


Anne D. said...

Yay, Susan is back at the blog!

I agree with everything you said in this post. It's such a cynical and yet ultimately bumbling choice. Aim gun; shoot big hole in foot.

I blogged about Obama's speech; check it out.

Glad you are on the mend, lady!

wimbleball said...

the post on the hair made me chuckle!i too was thinking losen up the hair dear it looks so serious and full of hairspray.a little bit of in vogue would do wonders.

great seeing that you're back bloging!

wimbleball said...

bloging=blogging type too fast!

bren said...

i can understand why she puts her hair up. i have long hair and have a french braid or pony tail because i don't want to be bothered spending a lot of time on a 'do.'
you think obama's primary experience now counts for presidential savvy? ha ha. it's ok. all my friends are liberal. i understand.
experience? governor of alaska? bill clinton was governor of arkansas! hello!
what i really liked about her and her family is that they were real people. not phony, styled, rehearsed. just real people.

susan said...

i have asked all my republican friends
to tell me their thinking..i want to understand and hope to write about it later...thanks..