Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't help myself

As some Southerner's say..."I'm goin' to brag on myself"...
I told you guys before any reviews that the movie Seven Pounds was the worst movie
ever...right? (scroll down a few columns) and some "anonymous" person answered
me with hostility about how wrong I was.
Well, today's reviews in the New York Post and Ny Times make me look generous!
I knew I was right!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, how is the search for Mr Adequate going. My friend of long standing had found herself a Mr Adequate (an auditor in whose world a positive endorsement is adequate and failure is inadequate) but they've recently parted, which made me think of your column, but you seem to have gone to other subjects lately.

susan said...

I haven't given up, just am trying to live a fun life until he comes along!! happy holidays and thanks for asking. ss

Anne D. said...

Good for you, Susan (re: searching for Mr. A, in the comment above).

Isn't there some axiom like "The journey is the destination"?

Happy New Year.

Kim said...

Hi Susan,
I laughed at the anon comment when I read it and thought it was either someone connected with the film or the president of the Will Smith fan club. I love the guy's work, honestly. He has proven he is more than just the grown up Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His acting was fine. I thought the storyline had been attacked by vandals in the night. It looked like it might have at one point maybe made some sense, but whatever actually came out on the reels there...I dunno, beavers in the editing room?
Hope your holidays were fabulous!