Tuesday, December 09, 2008

movie review

Seven Pounds. That is the name of the new Will Smith movie that I saw at a screening
in LA last week, with Will attending.
Let me start by saying I love Will Smith. I think he is engaging, smart, adorable and a
really good actor. What the heck happened then?
You are now seeing trailers of this movie in which they indicate that he as the main
character has a "terrible" secret which is motivating him now to save seven total strangers.
So..that kind of tells you the whole movie. Then why oh why did the actual movie have
to be so ridiculous in "keeping the secret" which sets the character in motion all the
while revealing it in on the nose, flashback snippets to where you feel you are getting
whiplash time-wise and neck-wise.
The first 30 minutes are confusing and you do not know whether he is
a bad guy or good guy and though this is meant to be intriguing it is merely annoying
and takes you out of the movie while you are kvetching that this is confusing.
Then the movie takes another turn and it becomes a love story.
Finally, the last third it becomes a saw-it- coming tragedy.
And just incase you dont get it..the music manipulates and repeats, I swear to god,
some of the things you are seeing just to pound the theme into your poor little brain.
At the discussion afterward, Will seemed to me to acknowledge right out of the box
that the Director, who was there and is Italian was determined not to make a
"Hollywood movie"...read predictable, so he made it incomprehensible and on the nose
at the same time. Quite a feat.
Plus also he said he told him not to do his "will smith"
stuff...which up to now has only made him the number one box office champ and a critical
So what happens is the actor puts his life in the hands of a director he trusts (who made
a good prior movie, "Pursuit of Happyness"...which was based on a book so, well structured)
as opposed to this mishmash and now Will is lousy in a lousy awful movie!)
AS to the reference of Seven Pounds...there were guesses but the answer is...ready...
for pretension..."the quote from Shakespeare about a pound of flesh."
My explanation...seven pounds of ham! No thanks.


Anne D. said...

"Seven Pounds of Ham" -- Ha ha! I'd like to see that headline on reviews of this turkey, Susan. :-)

Thanks for warning us.

Anonymous said...

She is way wrong on this! I saw the film, and it's one of the better films I've seen this year. I'm sorry the film made you "think" and pay attention to what's going on. How horrible! It should of just been the safe, predictable crap from Hollywood that you like Susan. No thinking outside the box. Will gave his best performance ever, not relying on his charm. There was no "Will Smith Persona" in this. Even better though was Rosario Dawson. People complain they want something orginal and different, but when they do get it, they bitch and moan about it. It's not what they're use to, so they say it's "confusing" or "too out there".

susan said...

wow..why is that people who are nasty only use the name "anonymous." You know nothing about what I like in a film....only that I found this one wanting. Anything Charlie Kaufman does that inspires thinking and is non linear is fabulous. He is about as creative and innovative as any filmmaker around. A foreign film that comes together in a way that is satisfying works for me. One would think you are the producer of seven pounds. You can disagree but as the old saying goes...try not to be so disagreeable...oh nameless wonder.