Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Should have stayed in China!

Well, the world seems to be imploding whether it's our bank accounts or our
I should have stayed in China. The hard thing is that a trip like this is so
spectacular and then it's just a memory.
I went through all of my photos and put them into the computer but can't
figure how to get them print and to share!
But a few more thoughts about my's so nice to have Dear Readers
who are interested!
Beijing was very cool. The first day I was there was before my tour so I
had some ideas from a friend back in the States.
She gave me a name of a reliable driver and we went to the art area...
old factories that have been turned into spectacular art galleries and
some avant garde designers.
I got a very neat grey velour T Shirt with a red stencil of Mao.
Just have to figure out where to wear it. I guess a Sarah Palin speech
won't be the place! ( Mean little thing, isn't she!)
The art in China is very hot now selling for huge figures. Much of it
was very interesting.
Then, being a fan of miniatures, I wento the Beijing Planning Museum
where they have a huge miniature (contradiction I know) of the entire
It was fascinating. And some of the workers were fixing the tiny
buildings and adding new there is constant building.
Then the group arrived and we had an introductory cocktail party.
Many of the people seemed older than I had expected but I always
find some that I can bond with and there were quite a few.
Then the trip began with Tiannamen Square which is really hard
to grasp until you see it in person. Huge obviously...and very
filled with people. Lots of tourists but mostly Chinese who are visiting
as well.
The Forbidden City is gigantic...amazing. And very lovely.
The Summer Palace is beautiful. Everything has history and
so much importance to the culture.
The places were crowded but not unbareably so.
The Great Wall! wow...I took the "easier" route which was about a
forty minute climb with rest blocks...and lots of pushing people.
They are not into waiting patiently.
The folks that took the harder climb said it was tiring but worth it.
I skipped the Opera as I don't like Opera here and there it was
kind of screamy...from all reports.
The Hilton Hotel was lovely and I had a really good massage in the
room the first night. Excellent idea!
Since the Olympics, many signs were in English too so you could
sort of find your way around, though I didn't stray too far away on
my own.
Next see the Terra Cota Warriors.


wimbleball said...

Thank you for sharing vivid thoughts and memories here on the blog with us!By taking us by the hand,it's as if we are there with you!

I'd love to go to China and India too,so many wonderful places to discover!

Talking about dicover...,no mr.adequate?

Looking forward to you next post on China!

Anne D. said...

The opera description "kind of screamy" instantly made me know exactly what you meant!