Thursday, October 02, 2008

china chatter

Well, just got back from great great trip! It so exceeded my expectations!
The people are so sweet and eager to give good service. the country is magnificent
both in history and progress.
In a mere 17 years they have built so many sky scrapers the national bird is
said to be "the crane."..the building kind.
The scope of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and everything is so
vast it takes your breath away.
The example of the Olympics shows that they are the unstoppable. amazing to hear
about their lives from the Guides and how in a mere 38 years they have
entered the present and really are the future.
Will try and get some photos up when i can figure out how to do it!!


wimbleball said...

Welcome back!!!

How utterly thrilling to have been able to go to China.Just can not wait to hear and see all about your trip and stay in China!

Anne D. said...

Exhilarating to hear about, Susan. I confess I've held a negative view in general about China for a long time. Thanks for bringing a fresh perspective.