Saturday, October 11, 2008

continuing china...

Today one of my friends actually looked at the photos I'd taken of China still in my
camera! Now that's a friend! Actually she found it interesting and as I went over the
trip again, I realized how great it really was.
so...on to Xi'an. That is where the Terra Cotta soldiers are. A huge find of
soldiers made up to guard the tomb of the Emperor. With lifesize horses
and intended to scare away any enemies in death.
They were discovered by a farmer years ago...and they pull out some old
guy who they SAY is the farmer and he signs books at the museum. I want
to believe it was the real guy!
The terra cotta fades within hours of being exposed to light and air, so vast
fields of them are still uncovered until they can figure a way to stop the
process of fading.
Very size, scope and piece of history.
Then we went to the Jade factory and saw beautiful pieces. Of course
anything I liked was over $10,000 and so needless to say, I didn't buy
anything. If it can't be something fab...I don't want it!
Hmm...maybe that's why I'm still looking for Mr. Adequate..or,more than.
We then went on a three day cruise down the Yangtze.
Really nice. The boat was comfortable if not opulent. The food, as usual
amazing in size and scope of the buffets.
The crew put on little shows at night and they were really sweet people.
My cabin porter was Andy and the maid, Susan. They all take American names.
The group I was with did little excursions but I didn't go...afraid of small boats
as I don't swim and unable to climb stairs without railings or go in lifts high up
the mountains, I stayed and got sun, which I always crave and a manicure...
flowers with little "jewels"..which I'd never wear in NY but qualifies me to work
in any post office!
We went through five incredible Gorges with great scenery and finally
through the locks...similar to the Panama largest I think.
We went to see Pandas and to a spot high above the locks which gave
an incredible panoramic view.
The millions of people who are being moved as the water will rise and
flood them all, is an amazing project.
Next Shanghai...


wimbleball said...

Loved reading this post,Susan!

Thanks for sharing your trip to China with your readers,how lucky we are to pigy back along with you down the Yangtze river and soon we will be seeing Shanghai through your eyes and your words!

wimbleball said...

pigy=piggy.......,i type too fast!

Anne D. said...

Wonderful descriptions, Susan.

I'm with you on the heights and swimming! I can dog-paddle and float, but probably couldn't save my own life in deep water, alas. (It's something genetic -- LOL: My mother could never learn to swim beyond dogpaddling, either. And we were/are both terrified of heights.)