Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I AM OVER THE MOON!!I haven't written a lot about politics here but I am
a political junkie. I've been involved in Dem politics since 1976 and I can't
remember a moment like I felt yesterday when I voted.
I actually cried.
I was a very early Obama person, having met him when he just became
a Senator at an AIPAC meeting.
His wife is a friend of a good friend of mine and I had asked my friend
what they were like, after his first historic speech at the convention.
She told me they were the real deal and I felt they were too.
I have had some fights with my Republican friends this election.
Some can discuss the issues, and others get more personal and
upset and make it hard to do that.
But I really hope and pray that everyone listens to what happened
yesterday. Americans said...we do not want to fight anymore between
ourselves. We want to accomplish things together.
I think Barack is "The One" some jokingly said. I believe he has
the perfect combination of temperment and brains and good
judgement and he makes me feel so calm! When the shit hits the fan,
and it will...he presents the qualities that will weather any storm.
To use the buzzwords of punditry...I think he is "post racial"
and by virtue of his unique combination of black and white,
foreign and American, he was the perfect person for the time.
It was audacious that he didn't
"wait his turn" but he knew the timing was right.
Everyone who has ever known him says he brings people together
as I believe he had to do to "work out" his own issues and find his
place in the world.
I am absolutely over the moon with hope and joy!
I beg all those who didn't vote for him to get behind him, as McCain
graciously said...the country needs it. The world needs it. Let us
indeed put country first!


Anne D. said...

I'm over the moon too, Susan.

As a communicator myself, I was thrilled especially with the content of Obama's victory speech last night.

As a boomer who witnessed the arc of the civil rights movement over decades, I am moved beyond belief at what our country has achieved this week.

joody's joose said...

Overjoyed here too. A boomer here too. I hope we can see that we have so much in common, that we're not just libs and republicans, or donkeys and elephants. I certainly never think of myself that way first.

I just hope he'll come up with concrete steps for people fairly soon-like JFK's Peace Corps and LBJ's Great Society-to use all the wonderful diversity of the crowds, youth and the volunteers/fellow travelers.
We can change this society for the better once again like we did in the 60s/70s.

susan said...

I so agree with you. I've already decided I want to get involved with Iraq war vets. He will call us higher things..i know it!