Thursday, January 08, 2009


So, at the Renaissance weekend there were about 1000 of the smartest, most accomplished
people all hanging out. It is so nice to be inspired and challenged!
And I was lucky to meet some very impressive Motivational Speaker types. You can
always learn from them...and I sure did.
I learned about focusing on your goals and visualizing...which I'm sure we all know we
should do but don't often enough. And too, writing things down being as specific as
possible! Start with parking places...hey it works!
You know I'm into this kind of stuff and of course I still read my horoscope! This
month's reading was all about achieving my goals so it all works together and though I
didn't make specific New Year's Resoltions, I have been really good about following
through since I came home.
I'm kind of on hyper drive and sending out vibrations to get my goals accomplished.
And...making the calls every day to do so.
Plus riding the exercycle! Whew! Let's hope it all continues.
There were a lot of Wall Street types there as well and I went to the Money panels to
find out what to do in this scary time. There were a lot of opinions...all over the map
but the concensus seems to be NOT to sell everything and even though I
wanted to, I didn't. Now let's pray!
As to the dating thing...I did something really out there! I was asked to be in the
entertainment portion..supposedly a comedy person in my other life, and at first I
said no....I don't perform in stand up.
Then I thought...wait a minute! I can ask 1000 people to fix me up! So I delivered a
poem about the various activities and people there and at the end,
asked "them and their mate to find me a date"...see it rhymes...and believe it or not a
few people came up to me with possibilities.
Let's pray again!!


wimbleball said...

Wonderful post!

Yes,let's pray again,all together and out loud!

If it's in the stars Susan,let's hope that it's a big lucky star!



susan said...

u r so sweet!!