Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm in withdrawal...

What a high yesterday was! I watched the Inaug all day long and couldn't get enough.
The girls, so adorable, Michelle's smile, Barack's speech and everyone's enthusiasm and
happiness. We have to keep it going! He's a cute dancer too.
I'm signing up for getting involved with veteran's families. Please find something you
can and want to do. We owe it to ourselves to capture the moment and give back to
the country and those who need us. It'll make you feel good.


detectivefiction said...

Hi Susan,
I share your enthusiasm. He's got a good sense of humor too which I'm sure you can appreciate.

Carla Bengtson said...

Hello Susan,
You may find this question odd but it’s been a 15 year mystery that I’m very close to solving but could use your help. I hope this isn't inappropriate for your blog but I didn't know how else to contact you.
I grew up in Everett, Massachusetts where I still have many friends and family members. About 15 yrs ago I was alone in my apartment late one night and Maude was on TVLand. I could swear I heard Maude say to Carol, “Don’t you remember when we lived in Everett, Massachusetts?” I almost fell out of my chair but no-one was around to confirm what I had heard.
It’s been bugging me for years and thanks to the advent of the internet I’ve been able to do some investigating. I tried to find transcripts of the show but I had no idea what show it was or in which season it occurred. I found out that the first season of ‘Maude’ was finally released on DVD. I took a shot and bought the series, which arrived this past Saturday. I knew the scene was between Maude and Carol so I figured I would fast forward through all of the scenes until I found the one I had remembered. Lo and behold, the very first episode of the first DVD contained the scene. I was thrilled. I had a family function to attend that afternoon at my brother’s house where I showed everyone the episode. They all howled with delight when they heard the scene.
I read a bio on you that states you grew up in Wisconsin. So our question is, how were you inspired to write Everett, Massachusetts into that scene? Did you ever live in Everett? We truly would appreciate whatever insight you could share with us. Thank you for your time.
Carla Bengtson
Melrose, Ma {formerly, Everett, Ma}

susan said...

carol, sent you answer on your email

Liz said...

I thought Barack's speech was brilliant!