Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octo nut job.

I just watched the Dateline about the 8 babies and this insane woman who brought
them into the world.
This is a clearly sick woman with body dysmorphia...her plastic surgery alone is
as frightening as could be. Funnily she looks exactly like a woman I know in NY
who has had the same bad fillers and nose job.
Anyway, the State must go in and see if there is any cause to remove these
children. There is absolutely no way she can care for them. And her mother
clearly realizes the problem.
They took Brittany Spears kids away for a hell of a lot less.
Ann Curry did a great job of calling it like it was and the sheer denial of this
sicko proves she is incompetent.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for those comments. Welfare, food stamps, now they want the tax payers to pay the hospital bill and she thinks she can support them on her college loans....TAKE THEM AWAY!!! She is looney

Anonymous said...

Oh F--- is it true she has had procedures to look like Branglenia? Christ where is the money coming from? I would LOVE to have a chin lift....anyone want to pay for it as a gift to me?

Anne D. said...

I totally agree with you. The fertility doc who agreed to these insanely over-the-top procedures on this particular woman should be stripped of his license.

If Octopussy (LOL -- that's what some of the gossip sites are calling her!) had attempted to build her family through adoption, she would have been limited to one or two children by the rigorous screening process prospective adoptive parents must endure. (I know whereof I speak!) Why not a similar process for prospective multiple-birth IVF candidates?

I'm not a fan of lots of government regulation of people's private lives, but in this case all 14 of those little ones are at risk.