Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FontanBLEW IT!

Well, I'm back from my adventure in Miami. And I'm either too old to travel during Spring
Break...or I just chose the wrong hotel. The Fontainbleau has reopened to much hoopla
and was supposed to be THE Place to stay.
Yes, if you are 20 and a rap star. Oy! There was so much wrong that I will have to
enumerate numerically...if that isn't redundant.
1. The Hotel was jammed and I mean jammed...with about 1000 young folk in
the smallest bikini's and the highest shoes I've ever seen. The Hooker style makes
LA look Haute Couture! And where do they get the bucks to stay there? Or maybe
they room up at four to a room.
2. The Hotel was not up and ready though it had been opened for a while. There
was an hour wait for everything...and you could never get any service on the phone
at all.
3. Fortunately I talked my way into a mini suite in the new Tower or I would have
been up all night listening to the Rock Music..oh I forgot to say there was a Music
Festival at the Hotel and the blasting of the DJ's around the pool was deafening.
The Tower had it's own pool which was quieter but it was on the 7th floor and
so windy you could be blown away...if you'll excuse the expression.
4.The Room Service table remained as a souvenir for 24 hours in spite of
four calls to remove it.
5.The maid never showed up the first day at all.
And on and on.
The good stuff...
I had the greatest pizza ever in the lobby restaurant when I couldn't get into the Pool
restaurant for over an hour.
I had the greatest massage ever from Melva at the Spa..but for $182 for 55 minutes
it better be good!
The mini suite was nice size and done well and the little kitchenette was great as
I went out of the Hotel to the grocery store for supplies that wouldn't cost me
an arm and also was able to get service when I needed it that way.
There were some fashion shows...oh yeah it was also Fashion Rocks or something..
and the B Michael Show was stunning and I was invited with some people I met
in the elevator to sit in the front row which was fun.
My old friend Bob S. took me to dinner at a way cool place The Meat Market...better
than the name sounds and we walked the plaza jammed with life.
The sun...was good. And I do love my sun and my walks on the beach.
Next time I guess I'll go where the old people go...wherever that is. Come to think
of it, I wasn't that tacky when I was young either.


wimbleball said...

hi susan!

great reading your blog once again,it's been a while!

next time stay at the doral,i loved that hotel years and years ago!

the fontanblew,great play with words,never did it for me!It's always been kind of tacky!

by the way,no mr.adequate yet?!?!?!?

susan said...

there was a possible but alas
he proved to be ...well....less than. boo hoo but hope springs eternal.

Anne D. said...

Those young people are taking everything over! :-)

Sorry your vacation was less than adequate. Still, what I wouldn't give for a few days in a warm climate about now. I've given up on the whole concept of spring in New England.

wimbleball said...

keep your heart open and mr.adequate might touch it!

yeap spring is in the air...,so many birds singing at the top of their voices,bees buzzing by the blooming scimia in the garden!Promises to be a beautiful spring...,one with love that fills the air.Lets hope mr.adequate does not suffer from hay fever!