Sunday, March 01, 2009

just asking

If you have lived alone a verrrrryyyy long time, how hard is it to adjust to being
with someone 24/7? The answer is: very hard. I and my single friends have come
to the conclusion that if you wait too long to be in a real relationship, the odds
that you can accomplish it are going to be hard...very hard. No details, but you
get the idea. Oh oh!


Anne D. said...

I have no experience with living alone for very long. (The relationship I entered soon after graduating from college eventually turned into my marriage of nearly 34 years!) But I can imagine it would be very difficult to adjust. There are SO many aspects of privacy that are compromised when you share a home with someone fulltime. And those little annoying quirks tend not to go away with time, but to retain their annoying-ness forever. ;-)

If I were single at this age, I truly doubt I'd want to have a live-in romantic relationship again. Not ruling out romance, just the living-together part of it.

How about you?

susan said...

i tell myself i want one but when
faced with turns out
to be a different answer. but i still believe in and want a full time
relationship...maybe one just needs a very large house as well as
a "room of one's own."

Anonymous said...

from this post are weeee to glean that Mr. Adequate has come along?

susan said...

well...the less said the better but
you could say one meight be testing the concept of "A Mr. Adequate"....

Anne D. said...

Susan, I came back to read your answer. I totally endorse the "room of one's own" idea. Our house isn't all that large, but the small "sunroom" (four season) is MINE -- my work table, computer, bookcase, iPod dock, and the parakeets in their cage reside there, along with various plants. It's sunny and I can close the french doors and have privacy and quiet when needed. The artwork on the walls is all stuff that's special to me.

If you take the plunge, definitely make sure you have a little retreat somewhere at home. :-)