Monday, November 16, 2009

not so fast...

Well, Dear Reader, I am still trapped into the AcaiBerry Scam! I returned from my blog...and there was another package of the dreaded acaiberrydetox!!!
Of course the box wasn't marked or labeled in any way so I had to open it and even though I had last blog..etc. there it was again.
Again I called the phone and no one answers, went on the web site with "instant chat,no waiting" guess what..I'm still waiting.
And worst..Visa/Master card tells me I have to CHANGE MY CARD TOTALLY to get rid of them. American Express, I hear, would do it for me.
Guess what my next two calls are!


Anne D. said...

I love American Express and use it, and it alone, for online purchases. I have *always* been able to get the charges reversed when a company has given me trouble, scammed me, etc. This includes eBay purchases. I still use Paypal but have the price charged to my Amex card, not to my bank account. So much easier to resolve disputes with sellers that way.
So sorry you had to return to more Acai!!!

susan said...

now i know! am trying it as we write