Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok, now I'm freaking out. I just got back from Minneapolis visiting my family. Well, a few weeks ago. But tonight the news said that a flight to Minneapolis went on to Wisconsin because THE PILOTS FELL ASLEEP!!
WHAT?Are you kidding me?
The Pilots on a Northwestern flight were out of communication for over an hour and
it is "suspected" that they had fallen asleep! There is now an investigation.
Well, yeah!
The airplane consultant on ABC said that for years the pilots association has tried to make it a point that pilots need more sleep. Oy!
Now I'm really wondering if I want to take those trips I have planned.
One maybe..but both?
Maybe the Stewardesses or flight attendants or whatever should go back to sitting
on their laps as they used to do!


Anonymous said...

Oh please. My brother's is a cabbie for pilots. They've told him for years they sleep in the cockpit; they have it down to a science except when a younger pilot first starts working and doesn't know the ropes. i.e. how to toggle naps with the co-pilots. The mail planes, like FedEx, are the worst, my brother told me. So at any given moment, planes are all over the sky with pilots zzzzzzzzzzzing.

Anne D. said...

LOL @ your comment about flight attendants sitting in their laps.

So that's how my cousin landed that hunky pilot.... so to speak.