Monday, October 26, 2009

Pilots are even worse!

Ok, now the have found that the pilots of the wayword plane were not sleeping. Worse!
They were on their f'ing computers!
It's bad enough to eat dinner with someone on their blackberry, to be talking to someone who is tweeting, now we have to worry about pilots on their computers?
I'd feel better if they had fallen asleep. At least that would have been an accident. This was purposeful schmuckiness.
I have had it with gadgets! Kids dont know how to read or relate to humans, they are so busy with their Wei's or however it is spelled.
Young people are unable to write a real sentence.
Now I sound like an old fart but I don't care. People, we have to do something to return to normal human contact.
I say this of course as you read my blog...oh as I would like you to do, not as I do..or something like that.


Anonymous said...

"do as i say, not as i do"
except that you actually know how to write and speak properly! we were taught in school. is there any instruction in penmanship or diagramming sentences any more? speaking of school, what was your major? my youngest is a mechanical engineering major and is having a terrible time with calculus. again.
(sad face) i'm encouraging him to consider changing his major. i did not go to college but i know you can change your major if you want, right?


susan said...

I KNOW what the saying is..i was "going for clever"...clearly didn't make it. my major was journalism and then theater arts.