Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kill the Cougar please

It is hard enough being over 40 and dating, now they want to call us "cougars?" I think not!
There is a new "reality" show on TV which puts a naive 30 year old (gorgeous by the way) tennis player into the "dating ring" with five women in their 40's...called Cougars. They were very attractive and sexy, thank god.
But he almost had a heart attack. Then upon reflection and a little nooky it seems, he changed his mind and decided age was not everything.
Then...drum roll please...they released 5 twenty something broads into the mix. The fact that they were rather dumb and bimbo like, no matter. He lit up and the cougars went into deep depression.
I shouldn't watch, but like an accident, I am drawn to it. We'll see what happens.
But please forget the animal names unless you call the 20 year olds "tadpoles!"


Anonymous said...

It will just be a matter of time and the gorgeous tennis player will have sunk into deep depression,nothing as boring and sad as 5 rather dumb and bimbo like broads.

PS I love your blog and am looking forward to new postings!

susan said...

oh thanks so much!!

AnneD said...

The premise of this show is appalling! Insulting, actually.

And remember.... the very young guys are pretty and amusing, but usually callow. They and the bimbos deserve one another! ;-)