Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stress- Yes!!

Oy! Today I went for my first stress test and by the time I got there, boy was I stressed. If that sounds like a comedy was. The traffic was so awful that I had to jump out of the cab 14 blocks away from the hospital and run to get to the appointment. I don't know what was going on in NY today!? What a mess.
And, as I ran, thinking...hmmm is this the stress before the stress test, I tripped!
So to stop myself from falling, I jerked my back and hip into a pretzel and limped the rest of the way.
The stress test was fine, they told me I had the heart of a 40year old...I'd like the rest of him.
But getting buses, no cabs, more traffic!
I limped part of the way and then got a bus that was again stuck in traffic.
I took a pill and am lying on ice packs.
Living in New York can definitely be stressful, but a car with a chauffeur would help! Accepting all offers.

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Anonymous said...

There are no subways?