Friday, June 15, 2007

A Mighty Heart

I saw a preview of the new Angelina Jolie movie about the brutal murder of the Jewish journalist, Danny Pearl by jihadists. It was wonderful. She is wonderful.
The director, Michael Winterbottom, who comes from the documentary world has made a drama that feels so real you believe it's a documentary...but far from dry.
The visuals of Pakistan, the teeming, filthy,desperate place. The editing..crisp and filled with the unbearable tension of the days passing without knowing if he was alive or dead. The performances of many of the actors whom I hadn't seen before were controlled yet agonizing.
This isn't a feel good summer movie, but rather about the triumph of spirit in the worst of maybe you'll feel ok anyway! Go...see it! It's important in the world we live in.


Anonymous said...

But on a completely different note, did you see A&E's "Confessions of a Matchmaker"... and what did you think?

susan said...

didn't see it..but saw the previews where she is convincing a male virgin of 41 he "might be gay"
what did you think of the show?
will try and catch the next one..