Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Joel

My very dear friend, the film critic, Joel Siegel passed away today. As I write this blog I remember how he had recently sent me his new film blog for my "opinion" as I was a blogger. As if he needed my advice!
Joel and I went to UCLA together and had resumed our friendship when I moved to NY in 1989.
In between his marriages of which there were a few...he'd take me out to movies and theater and we were very good if platonic friends. He would invite me to his country home and we shared a lot of laughs and then great sadness when he found out he had cancer.
Over the years he waged a valiant battle against the disease, mostly for his darling little boy Dylan.
He had waited a long time to be a dad and he was a great one.
I had just called his voice machine at Good Morning America because I hadn't heard from him when I emailed as we used to do, nor had he returned a few calls and the last time I saw him about ten days ago, he was very weak.
Then I found out he was in the hospital and passed away.
I have many memories of Joel, but that is not enough to keep me from feeling very sad and I know I will miss him forever.
Value your friends. Tell them you love them.


Liz said...

My deepest sympathies, Susan. When I read he pasted away I thought of you. I figured you knew one another. I always really enjoyed him.

susan said...

oh liz, thanks. he was one of the smartest and best people i ever knew. so sad...

AnneD said...

I'm sorry you lost a dear friend, Susan. I read of his passing yesterday. He left this life much too soon, clearly. My sympathies.

Anonymous said...

The friend we touched,
who laughed and danced,
Is gone from all we know,
We fight the void,
but have no choice,
We have to let them go.

This is an extract from a poem I read today and wanted to share it with you.

Keeping you in my prayers.

susan said...

thanks everyone...the hardest thing is knowing you will never speak to or see the person's hard to wrap your mind around!

Rodrigo said...
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