Thursday, June 21, 2007


Maybe I'm getting old..well, yes, I am actually. But I don't think my sensibilities have changed. I still love to laugh. I was a comedy writer. I do know what's funny. And the new hit film "Knocked Up" is not!!
Rather it is first...disgusting, nauseating, insulting, sophmoric, then funny, sometimes.
I guess I don't get it. Nor did my friend who went with me to see it with all the great expectations we had from the reviews.
I loved Judd Apatow's TV series that didn't make it, Freaks and Geeks. It was sweet and silly and real.
This may be the way really immature guys talk and act, repleat with vomiting, vagina jokes, and the F word every two seconds...but I don't want to have to see it and hear it for two hours.
The lead guy, the lovable shlub has some great comic abilities and is likeable, but the plot makes no sense at all and could have with a few little details. Like this gorgeous lead girl isn't dating, or hasn't had sex in ages...anything to set up her going to bed with this slob the first night she meets him.
And no, strangers are not allowed to go into the gynecologists office to watch the exam. Really, they're not.
But why go me it is really gross. And if you like that go, if not...don't bother!

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