Monday, June 04, 2007


I went to Minneapolis to visit my precious little nephews and my jewelry was STOLEN from my checked bag on Northwest airlines!! I know I know, don't check important things, but it was costume jewelry from Paris that I loved though not the real deal and I wasn't thinking I guess.
Who the hell steals people's jewelry when going through their bags? Workers at Northwest Airlines I guess! Let's put them back into bankruptcy for good this time! I am pissed!
And as for getting a human on the phone, forget it. You have to go BACK to the airline at the airport! Yeah sure!


Kittywumpus said...

I flew NWA (Nimrods With Attitude) a few weeks ago, had to change planes in Minneapolis. On the NWA flight to Seattle, they were hawking these "Smart Snack" boxes for $5 each. We bought one, and what a joke that was. The vacuum-sealed packages were mostly un-openable (without the use of a nail file, anyway) and what we did wrassle open was not worth the effort. That did not endear NWA to my shriveled little heart... I hope they rot in bankruptcy hell, and soon.

susan said...