Monday, March 19, 2007

When he's sixty four...

Now that Paul McCartney has reached his song's age, he has to be really pisssed off that SHE who shall be nameless is trying to remake her image by Dancing with the Stars! The nerve of her. I think we should call ABC and say 'put her in a yellow submarine.'' Help!' Etc. Etc. etc...all Beatle's songtitles that pertain.

Tonight everyone will watch to see if her leg falls off as she so coyly hinted in trying to stir up sympathy. Not from me with her head, I say.

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AnneD said...

She's a publicity hound. (I bit my tongue there; I wanted to use another word after "publicity".)

I'm rooting for my speed-skating hero Apolo Ohno and his sweet young partner. They both sparkle!