Friday, March 23, 2007

up and at 'em

Well, you Dear Readers from the old days (The Search For Mr. Adequate) know that I like to stay in bed. Well, it's not as exciting as it sounds...anyway, when invited to get out, I do. And my new best friend Chuck Nyren who is a specialist in advertising to Baby Boomers (his blog is therefore called: called me and invited me to a magazine conference sponsored by a European Publisher with lots of mags called "Plus." Now that could mean for chubettes, but it doesn't.
It is for Boomers, mainly from the Netherlands but in Spain, Brussels, France too. So I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed in an appropriately business like pants outfit but with four inch heels...don't ask, and I went into the world of business around 49th and Broadway. No no no..not that kind of business.
Anyway, it was very interesting and I was presented in Chuck's presentation, I didn't get up early enough to hear it, but they heard about me. I guess I was representative of Boomer aged gals who should be listened to, but often are not in this age of ageism. I agree. Everyone should listen to me. And pay me!
They were a very nice bunch and we had lunch (oh that rhymes) at the famous Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Leave it to foreigners and my friend Chuck from Seattle to take me to a landmark in NY.
A lot of interesting aspects of marketing to Boomers were discussed and the bottom line is that we in America are actually behind the curve in selling to this huge age group and, also, revere anything to do with age a lot less. They seem to take care of their elders a lot better. We are a young and still brash place folks, let's get with it!


AnneD said...

God, I love magazine stuff. Lucky you! Please tell me how you manage to walk on 4" heels, though, Susan. I gave up that fight a few years back when my hips and knees started snarling at me.

As for demographics: I could go either way: Chubette or Boomer. Or both! ;-)

I do think via sheer purchasing power and numbers, we Boomers very soon will command respect and attention in the marketplace. Don't you?

susan said...

now i have a huge backache! boomers have the purse strings and they will be respected soon...we hope!