Friday, August 03, 2007

Bill and Me

By the magic of the Internet, I am on it! Bill Clinton comes to Aspen every, not to see me. And this year I asked him a question and the whole thing is available for your viewing. The link is
And if you don't want to watch the whole thing, move the little timer on the left of the Big 1:03...I ask my question near the end.


Anonymous said...

That was certainly a great question Susan and a very interesting answer and just what you said in the end,"from your lips to god's ears",is so appropriate.Wish there had been more time so that you could have started a dialog going.

Maybe in future you could start a video blog,that is the next big thing out there,you could go on utube,which is great,there are loads of vbloggers out there and some are very interesting,do check it out!

Have a great weekend....hope it gets a bit cooler in NY,if the airco is not enough,I always try to think cool and it helps!

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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susan said...
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susan said...

you are so great..even if anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

Susan,I guess that you must have figured out that I meant to say YouTube instead of utube!

Well it is not only hot in NYC,summer heat has finally arrived in Europe as well,it is hot,hot,hot!

AnneD said...

Oooh, Susan, what a lovely smoky voice you have! Excellent question, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
i want to mail you and need your email may mail me on i had earlier mailed you on your nysd address which i doubt still exists.
havent checked out the video which i will do shortly..

Liz said...

Wow Susan, I was so impressed with your question and even more impressed with President Clinton's response. I have Jewish-American friends that make statements like, "There is no Palestine." Mr. Clinton blows that limited thinking right out of the water. Yes, from his lips to God's ears.