Tuesday, August 28, 2007

special delivery

I always say that I'll never meet a guy unless he rings my doorbell...that's how "lazy" I am about looking. Well, kids...guess what!?
Today I saw movers coming in next door and I knew the condo owner next to me had rented out to a "single man."
What a man! Tall, handsome, in the right age bracket...does it matter that there were two "young" women helping him move in. Let's pray they are the decorators.
I went in, introduced myself, even though I had no makeup on...foolish...and he was very nice.
Then I ran back home, set my hair, combed it out,put on some blush and some shorts and went back with a few mouse traps...well it's a welcome present.
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my...the postman always rings twice,lets hope this tall and handsome rings your bell more than once as well!

What a great gift,mouse traps,lets see if your traps catch any mice.

Susan I am sure he did not even notice you sans makeup on,it's your eyes he should be focused on.

I am staying finely tuned!

Anon 2

AnneD said...

You go, grrrl! I love the mousetrap gift idea. Even better, it gives you a conversational opening for future contact. "Got Mouse?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anned,I love your wit!

Anon 2

PS Susan,can we all start singing,"3 blind mice?"

Jonas said...

Susan, your story reminds me of that movie I once saw, "Of mice and men."

Nice seeing you today after 18 years.
hope to see you again soon...