Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hampton Holiday

So, all in all I had a great five days. My friends, Lil and Lennie are wonderful and have a beautiful home. Their little grandchild, Lilly was there and it was fun playing with her. Very sweet little girl with a constant smile and no tears! yay!
We ate ourselves silly at a few good restaurants, sushi in Sag Harbor, seafood at Pacific, and yes I gained five pounds. But the rhubarb pie was worth every bite.
I did a lot of walking and worked out in their gym, they have everything at that house except an extra guy.
As to the guy thing...you will love this. I'd been fixed up with a guy a month or so ago and he had called me several times. Nice enough, smart, though not attracted to him physically. But I decided I'd call him as he was in the Hamptons and see if we hit it off while hitting tennis balls. He was happy to hear from me, we made a date for Monday as I was booked up all weekend and...he never showed! Never called. And the kicker is I didn't care that much in the first place, but what about manners? Huh?
I did hit myself on the nose with my tennis racquet as I was having a lesson. Am waiting to see if it's broken or merely bruised. How's that for news?


Liz said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I have been stood up many times in my life and always took it personally. I know now at this age that it was never a reflection on me it just speaks volumes about them.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the j..k...,not showing up for a date is immature and not acceptable behavior,he did not even have the courtesy to call and cancel.

The key to avoid 'the mistake' with dating ,is to define what YOU WANT,than put as much time and energy as you can in the men who fit that criteria,quickly moving on from men that do not.As hard as that may be,your success with men will be a direct result of how you manage your time.This will lead you to finding Mr.Adequate who you want and look forward to spending time with.This leads to a feeling of well being,success and contentment.
Good luck!

Your stay in the Hamptons sounded great,sorry to hear of your painful nose,the rhubarb pie.....oh my oh my....,I am a sweet tooth,yummy!

Anon 2

PS Liz I agree with you,men are like buses,every three minutes there is another one that comes by,in the city that is,out in the country,well maybe every hour!

AnneD said...

Stood up! That's just wrong. Fie on him.

Hope your nose is OK. The vacation sounded lovely other than Mr. Jackass.

susan said...

nose is ok...sore but not broken!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Just dropping by,hope your nose is pain free.

Anon 2