Sunday, April 22, 2007

i have to say it

I know I'm usually amusing and dealing with fun things...but I have to say this and then it will be over. This horrible Virginia Tech incident should be proof positive that the "gun control" methods we have are not working. What is wrong with the powers that be that are so cowed by the gun lobby...which by the way is small in number...and 60plus% of Americans want better control! Come on Dems...get some guts and work to save more innocents. As to those dimwits who have said "well if all the students had had their own guns it wouldnt have happened." Are you out of your minds? Do you want to live in the OK Corral?


Moi said...

Yes, I agree with you Susan! The authories are looking for blame everywhere (the most ridiculous one being filing a suit against the school), but why is nobody shouting "gun control" on the top of their lungs? It should never be that easy for anybody to buy a gun.

Liz said...

The NRA is downright frightening. I hope the Dems get moving and take back this country.