Friday, April 20, 2007

lala land

My week in LA was really good. I always complain about the vapidness of the place, but let me tell you a little sun, a convertible, the beach and good tennis make up for a lot! All in all I had a great trip this time.
Star sightings: went to lunch at the Grill which is a Bev Hills hot spot and saw a really big blond in a small tight dress, muscular thighs...and cheekbones that could cut you. Nicolette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives.
Went to visit a soap opera...don't ask. I had this crush on a young stud who reminded me of my grade school boyfriend and a good friend of mine knew the exec producer and took me to meet him. Very sweet, but sometimes it's better to leave fantasies as fantasies.
Had two business meetings with exciting projects possible...let's keep our fingers crossed Dear Readers.
And...ran into an old date who is actually single and we set up something for New York. Fingers really crossed this time.
P.S. I went back to and did a guest diary column about the trip...hint: Lucy and Ethel take a bath. You will laugh! That's an order.


Bon Vivant said...

Susan I was tickled to see your column back on NYSD this morning. Fingers crossed on all - Please keep your loyal readers posted!

AnneD said...

Oh, my. I seriously laughed out loud upon reading the tale of the overflowing bubble bath! You are a funny gal, Susan. Love your blog, and I appreciate the heads-up that you were back at for a guest spot yesterday. I had actually stopped reading the site after you left.

susan said...'re the kind of pal I like! thanks for the loyalty.

Liz said...

Susan, I loved reading about your trip. I have a friend who lives in Los Feliz and I'm going this July for three weeks! We are driving to Vegas and staying at The Paris Hotel then it's the Grand Canyon where we will hunker down at a working ranch! Back in LA, we will pick up her dog and it's off to Carmel for a stay at Doris Day's Inn. I can't wait to see Big Sur.

Liz said...