Sunday, April 29, 2007

To sleep, perchance...

All of my Dear Readers from the know that I used to spend a lot of time in bed! No no...just sleeping, unfortunately. Then, a miracle happened! A new doctor suggested I go for a sleep evaluation, where they attach the little electrodes to your head and watch you sleep. A friend of mine had done it and said it was actually "interesting."
So I did it...and they found that I actually was not getting ANY restorative sleep at all. I was jumping around...well kind of restless everywhere syndrome...and they suggested I go on a med, not unlike the ubiquitous restless leg syndrome commercials on TV say...and miracle of miracles!
I am reborn! No kidding...I now jump out of bed at 8:45...I know I know you who get up at 7 are thinking "what?" But for me that is incredible..and I do not even go back to sleep as I was wont to. I now have energy and am in a much better mood...thank god for that. So if you think you might have a sleep disorder...go find out. Trust me, it's wonderful to realize you are not getting too old to get around, just were tired!


Bon Vivant said...

Hooray! This is great advice. I remember from your NYSD column that you stated drinking coffee and it was a great help. I can't seem to get going without my cup o' joe.

Moi said...

Great to hear you're feeling so energetic, Susan! I could use some of that med, I'm a "violent" sleeper. And it's very hard for me to get out of bed every morning even after a full 8-hour sleep.

susan said...'s not something to just do lightly. if you really think you have a problem...ask about the sleep eval. it's very
expensive though..good luck!