Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am restarting the blog and welcome new readers as well as my wonderful Dear Readers who were regulars on the site. From time to time, in other words, not every day but a few times a week, I will be writing stuff here. The subject matter is wide open: politics, show biz, what's going on in the world and in my life. For the Dear Readers of The Search For Mr. Adequate, it will show perhaps a little broader picture of my search and I always want to hear back from you.
I am exploring a lot of new avenues...have been doing radio shows and will put a link in soon so you can listen to the last one I did, where I co hosted something called The Lady and the Champ. The "Lady" in question was Lady Chablis the famous "gal" from Midnight in the Garden fame. I took her/his place and I'm not sure what that bodes for me but it was really fun.
There is a Boomer Site that wants me to do a video dating segment for them and I'll keep you posted on how that is going. I'm writing a magazine piece and there are lots of interesting things in the future.
And all my web savvy friends are trying to explain to me how set one up and get into the 21rst century.
I will have one of them set up the Archive for all the Search Diaries so you can catch up if you missed any, or start them if you're a new reader. So, please come by and keep in touch.


AnneD said...

Susan! I've missed your posts at Social Diary. Your blog looks wonderful now. I'll be sure to visit regularly. My own blog is sadly out of date, but you have inspired me to attend to it this weekend.

susan said...

great to hear from u...

megafan said...

Susan I heard you and I am a huge fan of Josh. Readhis book, adore the radio show and you were so much fun!

Keep it up


Kristi said...

Susan I am a fan from Day 1 on NYSD and will miss your weekly updates so very much. Please visit my blog at

Moi said...

Hi Susan! Happy to see you've returned to your blog. I read you on NYSD religiously, never missed an entry. You're the funniest, reading you is like talking to a girlfriend :) Love to hear about your new adventures here!