Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am 35!!

Okay, it's official. When asked how old I am, I lie, when asked how old I FEEL...I say 35. But now others have stated that so it's official.
I'm in Aspen, having a ball and doing things like long walks, interesting lectures and a rock concert! Feeling very young, I was dancing to the music of an old buddy Chris Isaak, when four young..and I mean teenager type guys were talking behind me.
Well, you Dear Readers know how I hate loud talking (like on cell phones) at inappropriate moments, so I nicely asked them to keep it down.
We got to talking and it turned out they were all in their early twenties and very adorable.
They actually asked me to go for drinks with them, and I told them that was very sweet, except I could be their grandmother! True...but let's not go into details.
They were shocked...or pretended to be...and insisted I was not old enough to be their mother.
How old am I...I asked, hopefully.
35, they replied!!! Yeah, right! And they refused to believe I wasn't.
I love Aspen!!!


Anonymous said...

Thrilled for you......even if it is a white lie and we know it is,....the "fib" sure brightens ones day....just like when purchasing wine and the cash machine "bings" for the cashier to check our ID's and they glance then kind of do a double look just to make offers the biggest boost to ones ego....which we all need. Have a Great Time....NY will wait for you!!

Moi said...

Dear, I wasn't so surprised. You do look very young (from your pic on the blog)! And the fact you're such a fun-loving girl, it definitely helps you look and feel younger. No wonder the boys wouldn't believe you :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to stay anonymous 2.

Age is an attitude.

Thinking young,surrounding oneself with younger people or rather people that think young,keeps you young as opposed to the people that always seem to be mentioning that"we are getting old",oh!please speak for yourself.

Being enthusiastic in any situation also keeps you young,even if you have been up the Eiffel Tower 50 times or more and someone invites you up,just react with happiness and put on a smile and say Yes,Wonderful!! as if its the very first time!

Keep having fun in Aspen!