Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still in Aspen

Well, this is definitely the place for me! I love it here..the mountains, the clean air, the people. I had a ball at the Aspen Institute and as usual met some very brilliant and interesting people. Now am just hanging out, going to music, dance and seeing friends.
I never ever ever go out every night and day in it seems like there is always something great to do and people are extremely friendly and invite you to do things.
I met the most gorgeous guy...wait, don't get too excited. He is in his 40's and a physical therapist and I went for a treatment to him. Suffice to say I am going for another...yes he cured me already of all the aches and pains but a follow up couldn't hurt!


Anonymous said...

But....,did he make you laugh?

This gorgeous guy may have healing hands.

You sound so relaxed and so at home in Aspen it is as if the stress from the city just melts away.....,every thing seems to be in harmony for a romantic dinner or a casual date.

It is about time,don't you think,that Mr.Adequate or Mr.Right,comes into your life....,if it happens,it happens,if not,well,the search will go on,it is at times when one stops searching and has almost given up,he pops up!

Awaiting more posts from amazing Aspen!

susan said...

from your lips to god's