Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Squeaky Wheel stuff

Ok, those Dear Readers who know me, know when I get bad service from someone or a store, I don't just accept it! Uh uh. I kvetch, complain and often go right to the top! Like this morning.
I went to the neighborhood Kinko's which I hate because they are always too crowded, unhelpful, and rude. Well this time there were 10 people in line for one cashier!
All I needed was some paper and I was not going to stand in line for the questions about copying, returns, etc.
The paper was sitting right there! So I went to the Fed Ex counter and pointed to it and asked if I could buy it there. The guy, who had ignored me for a while, said "no." Why not?" You have to stand in line," he replied.
I do not do lines.
I went to another guy and asked for the Manager. He kind of ignored me and then when I asked again, he came over. Yes, he was the manager! Huh? Result of that conversation was " you have to stand in the line."
No, why don't you just open a new register? Can't do that. A woman in the line said, "it's always like this. I called the corporate office once and complained."
I stalked out.
I went home and spent about twenty minutes on the Internet finding out who the President of Kinko's is...it's a division of Fed Ex. I called the corporate office, got his assistant and told her my complaint. She was very nice, which made me feel better already and asked if they could call me back with a follow up. Sure..
and lo and behold an hour later the District Manager called and I went through the whole story and he acknowledged they were so busy there (good for them, bad for me) and he would look into the attitude problem, see about adding some registers and send me some free paper. Steve and I are on a first name basis now.
Moral of the story...good customer relations should be rewarded with shopping there and...yes, the squeaky wheel does get the oil...or the paper, as the case may be.


Anonymous said...

This type of behavior is why I now flatly refuse to deal with the General Pubic (sic) in any aspect of my employment.

Why do you think that YOU are so much better than everyone else that you "don't stand in line"? Hate to break it to you, but you're made of the same kind of material everyone else is made of. In the civilized world, people have to take turns in line for pretty much everything.


susan said...

no wonder you are anonymous...you are a hostile little person...good service is why people patronize stores and if they don't get it, they don't. simple as that. bad punning is soooo last year dear.

Liz said...

I went through a similar incident with Verizon and McDonalds over rude customer service. Not that I was given any perks, but in both cases I heard back from district managers. In the McDonalds case (I was cursed out when purchasing a cup of coffee) the employee was rightfully fired. In the Verizon case (A tech support person handed me a dime when I complained to the manager that he refused to address my problem) I was assured the employee would be dealt with. I want to stress in both cases I remained polite. Being curtious does make a difference.