Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well kids, I'm back. With a fever and not the best of memories. Sorry to say, I am too old and almost too rich to do a tour. Too much bus time, a terrible tour leader which can make or break it. The group was fine, made some good friends as I always do. But would only go back to Spain if I were going to Marbella for a week in the sun at some fab club and then on to Barcelona. I took off from the tour there and did my own thing and called some people who knew people and that was great.
One funny thing...well more than one, but this one I"l tell you. Finally at a good restaurant with two couples we saw this stunning couple with a child. And we all said, wow..these are the first really gorgeous Spaniards we saw.
Then the next day I went to a fancy hotel on the beach and they were there...they are from Sweden!And they told me they thought I was one of the better looking 'Spaniards' they had seen. haha
All in all, good to get away but getting up for forced marches at 6:30 is not my idea of a vacation.

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AnneD said...

¡Ai, caramba!

(I think that's a bit like "oy vey" en espanol, Susan.) ;-)