Thursday, May 25, 2006

kudos to oprah

oprah really did a great thing this week. she sponsored an essay contest for high schoolers to read elie wiesel's "night" and then write about its relevance today. It was thrilling to see these bright kids who won...the top 50 out of 50,000! And the ripple effect of their lives on future generations will be wonderful.


AnneD said...

My daughter's sophomore English class just read "Night," and the other day she caught Elie Wiesel on "Oprah" -- the visit to Auschwitz. I am glad that today's high school students are being exposed to such work, even though the content may be difficult and stomach-turning. We must never, ever forget what supposedly civilized, modern human beings did to their fellow men and women in such a ruthless and systematic way.

susan said...

you said it girl!!

DCMike (I'm back) said...

Susan - sorry, I have not posted in a while - I have been on vacation (the Mediterranean). I have been away from all the news of the day --- but upon my return I see we are deploying troops to guard at the Mexican border and are trying to write discrimination into the Constitution. These steps appear to be similar to those that that Hitler & Company took before the holocaust. Remember no one – not even the Vatican – stopped the actions before it was too late.

Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it! I ask – are we going now that same path?