Sunday, May 23, 2010


Wow...wierd choice made by creators of Lost. The first hour so far is breaking the fourth wall and letting us know..forcing us to know that it is NOT REAL! They are really making us face that it is merely a TV show and I don't quite know why. Maybe they realize that they can't satisfy the audience with the creative dramatic they are taking us out of the fantasy and sharing the behind the scenes. I dont like it. It's like when I'm watching a soap opera..yes I do..and another actor replaces the first one and they just expect you to accept it. It always ruins it for me.
Had they done this in an AFTER LOST...special, I'd have liked it better. Boo Hoo. mabye just Boo...will wait until it's over to see and say.

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Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about breaking the fourth wall. that didn't work for me either. although i don't mind it in "the office"


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