Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eminem, wow!'s been forever. I know. I'm sorry. I am doing facebook now and radio commentaries and they kind of take the place of the blog. but i just saw something that requires more words than on facebook takes. I felt like staying in bed Sunday and while channel surfing I came across a cable station Fuse which is hiphop I guess and they had a top twenty run down on Eminem. I have always liked the few things I'd heard but now I know why he is considered the genius, number 1 rapper. Wow!! what amazing videos from the beginning of his career to now. His alter egos...slim shady,
real self, marshall and on and on. His rhymes are every bit as brilliant as Stephen Sondheim's in another genre. I'm reading Sondheim's book Finishing the Hat in which he writes about how he does it..and Eminem does it too. The cleverness, the heart, the talent is amazing. I urge the others of you out there who are old farts like me
to give it a listen..the beat is great and probably we should read the lyrics to get
them all. wow!

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