Friday, June 09, 2006

feed her!

The vicious and obviously starving Ann Colter has done it again. Her remarks about the wives of victims of 9/11 are so out of bounds it is shocking...even for her. And then, her response to the response about her remarks..."well they were campaiging for John Kerry?" Since when is expressing a political opinion not allowed and then a reason for slander? Feed her already and maybe she will go away.


DCMike (I'm back) said...

This is nothing but foot-in-mouth disease (I don’t' believe she is that stupid to actually believe her own words). On-the-other hand, since it causing such a "buzz" ---it could be a publicity stunt to get people talking about her and her book. This stunt, however, has backfired. Ann has become the Michael Jackson of the publishing world. A freak!

So much for the phrase ---Any press is "good" press.

susan said...

she is the press equivalent of a suicide bomber...she doesn't care if she dies...she wants to kill others!