Friday, June 23, 2006

It's all about ME!

Today's New York Sun has a really nice profile of me. It's called The Lunch Profile and I gave an interview to Pranay Gupte who writes the column. The photo on the net page is good but the original in the printed paper makes me look like a pregnant orange! There goes my social life!


AnneD said...

Hey, I just read the article, Susan -- very amusing and nice! Has it netted you any, ummm, "referrals"?

DCMike (I'm back) said...

Great article! I did not see hard copy paper; but if I was single I would go out with you!

So you don't like bike rides in the Park and you do not like to go on cruises. I would recommend you reconsider cruises. They are a great place to meet interesting (and some not so interesting) people! Think Love Boat! Although some cruises can be floating nursing homes (not that there is anything wrong with that.…).

This past May, I took a two week cruises from Rome to Barcelona and had a fantastic time! The Italian coast is great, as is the south of France, Palma in the Balearas. Anyhow, the women on the cruise were quit aggressive …not such a bad thing - but I was not looking. The mediterranean sea air apparently can affect you that way! Since the guys did not "hit" on me – I do not know if the reverse is true…(although I do recall a few "quick" glances from some guys (I suspect they were on the "down low" as they say).

New Topic – What do you think of the battle between Star Jones-Reynolds and Barbara Walters? I think Star has some pinned-up aggression (apparently her married life does not allow those aggressions to be released). To Star – I say good riddance and don't let the door hit you in the behind! Now, if she would just go away!

susan said...

mike welcome back! I actually wrote a scoop on the star jones thing in an earlier column. Heard someone on a cell phone dishing about the "firing"...and good riddance.She is looking scary too!