Thursday, February 16, 2006


I see that over $300,000,000 has been wasted by FEMA on trailers that are sitting in Arkansas and of no use to anyone in the Katrina debacle. Is there no end to the malfeasance? I watched Brown and Chertoff "acknowledge" their mistakes. Hey, that's not enough, boys. How about fines and firing all around!? Since it's my money and yours Dear Readers, we have to demand consequences for this total incompetence.


hsperber said...

Susan, I have really enjoy reading your columns and have realized I am not alone in my frustrated search for the "right person." I have had thoughts of marriage with a few girls but in the end I notice they are not even adequate for me to consider spending my life with and I destroy the relationships.
I thought I had found someone who was pretty much up there as far as my expectations but my 2 grandfathers have very recently passed away and while accompanying my mother at her shiva and then my father at his I realized that perhaps I was right all along and the Religion issue is something that bothers me etc...
I consider myself a nice jewish boy, but this religion is definetly an adequacy killer.
Dont feel alone in your search and frustration.

susan said...

great to hear from you. i happen to believe that religion is an important thing to share, though of course many mixed marriages do work. may i ask hold old you are? I gather you have not married yet...of course the man is in the driver seat...strictly in the numbers game so it "aint over" as they say. Keep me posted. best, susan