Tuesday, March 14, 2006

come on democrats

It's time for the Democrats to start playing hard ball. The facts on the mismanagement of the war are legion. The polls are finally showing the American people are getting it. Now let's deal with all the other needed social programs that are being dismantled, money that's being wasted, or otherwise scammed and turn up the volume! Or else you don't deserve to be elected either.


Christine said...

agree. too bad so many had to perish before people started figuring it out...

Jrose said...

As a life long Demo I can hardly wait for the mid terms. I'm rubbing my hands with delight as we are poised to take back the house ( at least).
Hopefully the senate too!
It's been a rotten 5 years for our country and I'm fearfull about the next 3 years we have under Bush. Think of it, 3 more years of war, 3 more years of hurrciane seasons. 3 more years of lies and false intelligence reports. The American people would elect Alfred E. Neuman at this point, at least he KNOWS he's a joke.