Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I just got back from a three day conference in Washington D.C. I had forgotten what a beautiful and exciting city it was. Now if we could just get rid of the politicians!!!


SaintMartha said...

I just happened across your blog and I was totally enthralled with your quest for an adequate mate. Being smack in the middle of the middle years (what a hideous term...middle of what? life? that sounds so 'is the glass half empty or half full' but I pitifully digress)...and now I forgot what I was going to say, which of course is so middle aged and all.

Anyhow, the point I think I was going to make was about the search for an adqequate mate and how futile in hindsight it all seems, spoken from a woman that has been married to the same man for eons. I think most women will find that men age like cheap cheese (shredded cheddar, my low-class favorite kind)...they tend to get stale and sort of hard (and not in the sexy/hard kind of way) and the old axiom of the good ones being taken is pitifully trite. I am pretty sure the good ones are all deceased, because only the good die young (feel free to insert your own harmony.)

Actually I sort of do know a single guy...he's a publisher, mid 50's, smart and witty...he screwed me (not literally) on a book deal but I have forgiven him in spades...after all, he is the kind of guy that was trying to do right in an industry that often does wrong. Hence, he has integrity and has lost a lot of money by trying to publish 'art' when 'trash' is so marketable.

I need to just shut up now...I obviously have middle-age insomnia.


DC Mike said...

Susan - I am glad you enjoyed your visit to DC. I agree the train is the best mode of transportation between DC and NYC. I recommend you return in the spring time, perhaps to see the cherry trees blossom and or for shopping.

Best times to visit DC (or any city) is spring/fall (not too hot or cold). I find the DC-Metro area "more than adequate."

BTW - many "single" male state representatives and others on the Hill are in the closet (yes, including a few republicans)-- so I would not waist my time looking too hard for Mr. Adequate in the Halls of Congress, unless you want someone to help you pick-out some shoes!

susan said...

d.c. mike..forgot you must live there! it was a great

AnneD said...

Heh heh! Your comment about getting rid of the politicians in D.C. reminds me of my sentiment every May after all the students leave the university where I work, thus freeing up parking spaces, shortening lines at the snack bar, and giving the whole campus an open, breezy, uncluttered feeling: "This would be a great place to work if it weren't for the students." Ummmm... yeah. ;-)