Friday, March 31, 2006

is it just me?

does anyone else out there find it a bit disturbing that the released hostage Jill Carroll still extols her captors after her release. They did kill her interpreter and while she may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, I have a feeling that the pov she had before (very pro) still exists but there must be a distinction between the people of Iraq and the fanatics who captured her. Or is it just me?


AnneD said...

That was bothering me, too, Susan. It kind of ... grates. And/or sounds incredibly naive.

I'm sure all kinds of contortions went on behind the scenes -- possibly involving payment? and diplomatic somersaults at the least -- to get her freed. Now we get to hear how wonderful the kidnapper/creeps were.

Next thing, she'll be joining the Symbionese Liberation Army. (Hee hee.)

Jrose said...

No it's NOT You! First she's very lucky she's not dead. Second she's naive or daffy. She could use better judgement. As a fellow journalist we can be a slimy bunch. However she was freed,( which is fantastic). But I keep asking myself over and over again "would I sell out my country for my personal freedom"? My answer...I'm glad we have the U.S. Marines! Yes Anned, "Tanya" is quite the socialite around town these days :) Long way away from the S.L.A. days.

AnneD said...

Note that she has now recanted those comments as having been made when she was under duress and/or still in fear.