Thursday, January 19, 2006

boomers hit sixty!!

So this is the year that Baby Boomers hit sixty. While some of us are not thrilled to see that number coming, we are still sexy though single. There are some methods of solving the "problem" such as Internet dating, singles venues etc. but none of those are really what work for me. What my column has been about is the Search for a mate who is Adequate using all the methods above plus. So far, nothing. How about you?


phoebes said...

I've been reading you on NYSD. (BTB, Harry Hamlin's wife's name is Rinna, not Rena, and, yes, her lips are explosive!)

Glad you have your own blog. My oldest sister turned 60 on Jan 3rd; one of the very first Boomers. I turned 55 on the 15th. One good way to "age" is to look at friends and family who have aged successfully (i.e., doing so gracefully and with style) and following their lead. I'm fortunate because I have two older sisters and many older friends.

And, why are you still searching? Certainly your life is fun and full, even without a permanent "man".
I don't think having a husband is nessesarily the only road to happiness.

I've been divorced for almost 10 years (a very amicable divorce!) and while I'd love to find a "fella", I look around and see that most (if not all) the good ones are married or otherwise taken up. So, I go about my life, hanging out with friends, my sons, family, do extensive traveling, and sorta hope I'll meet someone, but feeling it's no big deal if I don't.

It's worked for me, so far, atleast.

BTB, as a comedy writer, do you know Gail Parent? And, if you do, do you know why she's no longer writing novels?

susan said...

phoebes...thanx. yes you are right that a good life is possible sans mate, but i've been divorced a lot longer and would love to share my life with someone. knew gail, dont know what she's up to now. ss

AnneD said...

My husband hit 60 in November and I think he is sexy as hell and looks great! I blogged about it, so you can click on my name and then go to the November posts to see him. Me -- I'm a "mere" 54. At any rate, I have to agree with you that some of us prefer life lived with a compatible partner. I'm rooting for a successful conclusion to your search!

susan said...

ooh anne..this is am i linked to your blog? i am just learning this stuff and need to figure out the blogging world. best, ss